Art Program Study ages 10-12

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Collage Kimono

Theme: Japanese Clothing

Students learned about various styles of clothing. They learned how clothing designs were specific to their daily activities, and how it was influenced by the different social classes in Japanese society. The Students viewed and touched actual apparel that are worn by people from Japan.

One student even graced us with her very own kimono given to her as a gift from Japan.

Join these talented young artists.

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Jade Lyne H. Richardson

Art Instructor


Study of Stone Age

Polymer Clay Sculpting


Sculpting a caven wall



Foil Embossing

Clint Baker


The study of Georges Seurat & Pointillism

Devan Schmidt, 11

acrylic painting, 16"x20"


Kelly Meroniuk, 11

acrylic painting, 16"x20"

Rikki Meroniuk, 9

acrylic painting, 16"x20"


Pen & Ink Still Life


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