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Calgary, Canada

Melissa Hawryluk, 17


Anamorphic Portrait

16x20 acrylic painting

Color theory was explored as part of the Anamorphic Portrait art program. As you can see, Melissa has done a beautiful job with color mixing.

Courtney Haigler


A Taste of Paris

acrylic painting, 16x20 canvas

The study of Georges Seurat and the style of Pointillism

Art Studio


Talented young artists busy at work

Jonathan Lagore


Anamorhpic Portarit

16x20 acrylic

Students created their own unique grids to distort their portraits.

Talented Jonathan


Check out the reflections in the cool shades. Some fine brush work was done here!

Kimberly Moore, 14


Anamorphic Portrait, acrylic

Sandi Moore, 17


Portrait Drawing

colored pencil & watercolor on paper.

Sandi's light application of watercolor paints added a beautiful finish to her drawing.

Courtney Haigler


Apples, Watercolor

Art Studio


Melissa working with crow quill pen & ink


Mastering her technique with a dip crow quill pen and ink, Melissa is using a photo reference from her travels

Sandi's detailed landcape ink drawing


Kimberly's Ink drawing


Kimberly used a dip crow quill pen on watercolor paper, capturing fine details of the water's gentle current.

Danny Watt


Pen & ink with color markers

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