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Art on the Brain Art Classes For High School Students

Express your talent and Make Each Day A Masterpiece. Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, you will see art through fresh eyes and experience the value of art education that enhances your own artistic style. The application of traditional Art Theory, taught with a stirred approach to art production.

Art on the Brain's unique art classes are small, age specific, and it complements Art Education Programs of Study.

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Study Of Anamorphic Art. Acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Theme of American Gothic.

We Have No Scheduled Daytime, After School, & Homeschooling Art Classes At This Time

Revisit Our Web Site For Updated Information


Art on the Brain's Programs are held at various locations. Each individual classroom location may not have the same art classes scheduled. For this reason, we encourage you to check each location and its scheduled art program calendar and read the art class descriptions.

If you are considering registering more than one student, sometimes the different scheduled art classes offered at the various locations may help to coordinate art classes. So no one will ever miss their favorite art class!

Please revisit our website for any new classes and locations.

Study of Chinese Brush Painting. This art student is painting on rice paper.

Bring Art on the Brain's Classroom To Your Neighborhood !

Call Art on the Brain Ltd. today to design a custom art education program for your private group. All art classes include:

~aesthetics as it pertains to perceptions and meaning of art.

~art production in which you work with various media to express your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in creative ways.

~art criticism as you practice describing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging artworks throughout history.

~art history in which you develop an understanding of diverse cultures and the importance of art throughout the ages.

Art on the Brain's Small Art Class Sizes Successfully Motivates Our Students' In Art Production

Our art classes are limited to 12 students. This allows for any opportunity for individual assistance as needed. Our encouraging environment comfortably allows each young artist to explore and demonstrate their proficiency in all art media.

Study of Sculpting. This is a caricature of the actual art student who created this polymer clay sculpture.

Exploring the tide pools for sea creatures on Oahu's rocky east shore.

Art on the Brain's Oahu Art & Culture Tours

Oahu Art & Culture Tours for art students 13 to 17 years old.

Join us in sunny Hawaii making new friends, dancing the hula, and creating cultural works of art on our Oahu Art and Culture Tour.

REGISTRATIONS are limited.

More information about our tours will be posted as they become available.

Come along on our past tours and workshops on and click "Tour Albums.


1. Register by phone (403) 217-9975 first.

2. PRINT and complete the STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM below and MAIL it with your payment. Student Registration Form and fee must be received by deadline to confirm your placement in a class.

* Please read FAQ Policies

Do not hesitate to inquire about a class if the registration deadline has past.

Get inspired and call today! Art on the Brain Ltd. at (403) 217-9975.

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