Art on the Brain Ltd. ~ Kindergarten Art Classes For Children 5 to 6 Years Old

Students are learning about color theory, how to use a color wheel in art, and techniques of pastel drawing.

Kindergarten To Grade 2 Art Classes In Calgary

As we engage children at an early age, Art on the Brain's rich art theory programs encourages creative exploring, independence, a self sense of confidence, and a colorful awareness of the world around them. Our unique art classes are small, age specific, and it complements Art Education Programs of Study.

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We Have No Scheduled Daytime, After School, & Homeschooling Art Classes At This Time

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Art on the Brain Programs are held at various locations. Each individual classroom location may not have the same art classes scheduled. For this reason, we encourage you to check each location and its scheduled art program calendar and read the art class descriptions.

If you are considering to register more than one student, sometimes the different scheduled art classes offered at the various locations may help to coordinate their art classes. So no one will ever miss their favorite art class!

Please revisit our website for any new classes and locations.

Our Small Art Class Sizes Nurture Motivation That Creates Positive Independence


Classes are limited to 12 students. This allows for any opportunity for individual assistance as needed. The encouraging environment allows each young artist to explore and develop their increasing independent potential.


Bring Art on the Brain's Classroom To Your Neighborhood

Call Art on the Brain Ltd. today to design a custom art education program for your private group. All art classes include:

~aesthetics as it pertains to perceptions and meaning of art.

~art production in which you work with various media to express your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in creative ways.

~art criticism as you practice describing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging artworks throughout history.

~art history in which you develop an understanding of diverse cultures and the importance of art throughout the ages.

Caterpillaer sculpture

City of Calgary Summer Camps

It was a fun time at the City of Calgary's Swim N' Fun Day Camps. The bright students demonstrated their knowledge of art and their whimsical imaginative sculpting talents through a Fun Interactive Art Presentation and Clay Workshops.



1.REGISTER by phone (403) 217-9975 first.

2. PRINT and complete the Student Registration Form (Click ~~~PRINT~~~ on the Link below) and MAIL with your payment. Student Registration Form and fee must be received by deadline to confirm your placement in a class.

* Please read FAQ Policies.

Do not hesitate to inquire about a class if the registration deadline has past.

Discover your artistic potential today by calling Art on the Brain Ltd. at (403) 217-9975.

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