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Art on the Brain Ltd. specializes in home school art education for youth who are passionate, curious, and fun seekers.

Our engaging art programs complement the Alberta Programs of Study, which guide and encourage students (who may be of any school system), to flourish in all elements of art, while confidently learning and discovering their creative self.

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Art Classes

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Sculpture of a bird in her nest

With Art on the Brain Ltd., You Can Design An Art Program, Workshop or Camp For Your Private Group

Call Art on the Brain Ltd. today to design a custom art education program for your private group. All art classes include:

~aesthetics as it pertains to perceptions and meaning of art.

~art production in which you work with various media to express your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in creative ways.

~art criticism as you practice describing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging artworks throughout history.

~art history in which you develop an understanding of diverse cultures and the importance of art throughout the ages.

Ukulele Making Workshop on Oahu

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